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Faith Deposit

Faith deposit service means that the sellers sign SeekIC Faith Deposit agreement to promise transaction security services for buyers. If buyers in SeekIC cooperate with those sellers with commissioned transaction and Faith Deposit identify, buyers meet the goods quality problems or unmatched online description, even if they do not receive the goods after payment; if the sellers do not fulfill their commitments, buyers can initiate Payout application from SeekIC in accordance with the trading rules on this page, then SeekIC will take advance compensation after verification to protect buyers' interests.

How Does the Escrow System Protect My Transactions?

All orders and payments on SeekIC take place through an escrow purchase flow:

Our secure escrow process ensures that:
Your payment information is given only to SeekIC and never to your seller
Your money is held safely by SeekIC until your order arrival is confirmed
Your seller is serious about completing your order and won't run off with your money
Your seller is incentivized to fulfill your order efficiently in order to receive payment sooner
You have leverage when opening a dispute or requesting a refund should you be unhappy with your products
Range of insurance coverage
1. The trade must be legal
2. They must join Escrow Service firstly(free of charge)
3. You should choose the sellers with identification of Faith Deposit.
Guarantee period
The service is effective before buyer’s confirmation about SeekIC Escrow payments to the seller, and the period cannot exceed the determine time made by the seller and buyer
Please put forward faith deposit settlement application conditions
1. The relevant compensated application must be same one with received good.
2. The buyer has been refused the return service or unable to contact with the seller, or the seller interrupts the operation and service;
3. Buyers’ application must conform to the provisions of relevant laws and regulations in form;
4. The amount of compensation is the actually commodity price plus postage (including goods return postage), and SeekIC’s advance payments will be the upper limit of margin;
5. If buyers confirm payment to the seller, or the confirmation exceeds the agreed time, it could not be the problem of products, so it is not included in the range of "faith deposit service";
Buyers can enjoy the security interests
In SeekIC purchasing process with agency transaction service, you may meet the following questions:
(1) The received goods occurs quality problem;
(2) The received goods do not match with online description;
(3) Buyers do not receive the goods after payment.

The sellers promise refunds and the return freight. If the seller fails to fulfill its promise, the buyer has the right to initiate Faith Deposit service complaints for settlement. SeekIC will will take advance payments after verification to ensure the rights of buyer.

Note: the trades are not included in the range of Faith Deposit service if buyer is out of the agency transaction process. For example:
(1) the buyer confirms the trade even if he does not receive the goods;
(2) the buyer does not apply refund service in time to make an overtime transaction even if he does not receive goods.

Advance payments range

Refund, rights protection interpretation: