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Low Cost Custom Prototype PCB Manufacturer

Gather Electronic(HK) Co.,Ltd

We are Specialize in hard to find IC parts,common use IC EPPROM parts.module.and also some capacitance and crystal parts. we always supply best quality parts with best price to valued customers, small profit and long good relationship. we kindly welcome all the valued worldwild customers and friends do happy business with us always No...
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HFA135NH40   6273   BZG03-C10   BCX71H   TNC - G   FTZ6.8E   AM1P-242424DZ   V385ME01   PC3211GR   TRS-5280G   BZD27-C13A   XCR3032XL   ID2M   DM74LS283   TISP5150H3BJ   L8711P   1SMC5366   TRV7B10xN   LR78L24   24LC65T-I/SM  
Contact: Ms. MAGGIE YUE 
Country: China (Mainland) 
Tel: 86-0755-28947659
Fax: 86-0755-82501160
Mobile Phone: 0086-13537747360
ADDrss: RM602 Xin Long Gang Garden Long Gang District Shenzhen China SHENZHEN GUANGDONG
Code: 518031
Website:  http://
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