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Imagination works with TSMC to develop FinFET process

Published:2013/3/27 3:24:00 Author:Ecco

According to Processor IP licensor Imagination, it will work with foundry Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd. to develop reference design flows using PowerVR Series 6 GPUs for manufacturing processes including the forthcoming 16-nm FinFET process. Imagination announced that the use of high bandwidth memory channels and 3-D IC assembly will be part of the collaboration and should allow the two compa...   (View)

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XMOS pushes event-driven MCUs with lower price

Published:2013/3/4 3:04:00 Author:Ecco

According to XMOS Ltd., it has a new event-driven microcontroller which has a lower price. The model is XS1-L4-64. XMOS indicates that the chip can be used as the lowest-cost multicore microcontroller. The chip has a single physical ALU but support in terms registers and other circuitry for four time-sliced virtual processors. Time slicing is done to better match memory access to the ALU pipeline performa...   (View)

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Intel brings upgraded 32-nm SoC for smartphones

Published:2013/2/26 3:06:00 Author:Ecco

At the Mobile World Congress, Intel brings an upgraded 32-nm smartphone processor. Intel indicates that it has made progress since it came to MWC a year ago without any Atom-based smartphone design wins. But the PC giant is still playing catch up in a segment dominated by ARM-based SoCs from Qualcomm, Nvidia and many others. Intel’s Clover Trail+, now shipping, sports three times the graphics of Intel’s cu...   (View)

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Micron pushes TLC 128-Gbit NAND flash

Published:2013/2/17 3:19:00 Author:Ecco

According to Micron Technology Inc., they have pushed a triple-level cell (TLC) 128-Gbit NAND flash memory in a 20-nm manufacturing process technology. And the company indicates that the technology is the world’s densest memory. At 146 square millimeters the memory die is more than 25 percent smaller than the company’s same-capacity MLC NAND memory and it is intended for use in removable storage, including...   (View)

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Intel will stop supplying desktop motherboards

Published:2013/1/24 21:28:00 Author:Ecco

The Intel Corp. had made a plan which would stop supplying PC motherboards, and the plan would be put into effect over the next three years. According to the statement of Intel, the company will not develop any new Intel branded desktop motherboards after completion of Haswell-based fourth generation Core products launch in 2013. The company said it would continue to support all products sold through the ...   (View)

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Processor market was expected to regain strength in 2013

Published:2013/1/22 1:18:00 Author:Ecco

The market research firm IC Insights indicated that the worldwide processor sales were expected to regain strength in 2013 and grow 12 percent to $65.3 billion after rising just 5 percent in 2012 to $58.2 billion. However, the slow growth may be caused by the weakness in the personal computer part of the market and global economic uncertainty. The market researchers think that the microprocessor market gain...   (View)

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It was reported that TSMC sales fall steeply

Published:2013/1/14 2:55:00 Author:Ecco

It is reported that the December sales of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd. declined by 16.2 percent sequentially, putting the quarterly sales just above the top end of the guidance given at the time of the company’s third quarter financial results. The report indicated that the company’s net sales on an unconsolidated basis were approximately NT$36.56 billion (about $1.23 billion), a decrease of...   (View)

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Cisco, NXP work with auto wireless startup

Published:2013/1/7 0:43:00 Author:Ecco

It is reported that Cisco Systems Inc. and NXP Semiconductors have invested in Cohda Wireless Pty. Ltd., a specialist in wireless technology and applications for automotive safety. However, the particular investment was not known by others. According to the three companies, they have been collaborating on road-side and in-car wireless communications for some time, and said they will now join forces to offe...   (View)

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Micron was impacted by manufacturing glitch

Published:2012/12/26 0:59:00 Author:Ecco

It was reported that Micron Technology Inc., a memory chip maker, was impacted by problems in manufacturing as well slow demand for some of its component types in the first quarter of its fiscal 2013 year. Micron (Boise, Idaho) made a net loss of $275 million on revenues of $1.83 billion for the quarter ended Nov. 29, 2012. This compares with a net loss of $243 million on net sales of $2.0 billion for the...   (View)

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China can make 22-nm transistor by themselves

Published:2012/12/22 1:19:00 Author:Ecco

Xinhua, the Chinese government news agency, has reported that the Institute of Microelectronics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (IMECAS) in Beijing China has made a high-K metal-gate MOSFET with a gate length of 22 nanometers. According to IMECAS, China-developed 22-nm IC technology would save China money in importing foreign chips or process technology and boost China-made IC’s competitiveness. The adv...   (View)

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Chip market rebound is coming, according to survey

Published:2012/12/17 2:32:00 Author:Ecco

According to a global survey of semiconductor executives conducted by business consultancy KPMG, a chip market rebound will help the U.S. move head of China as the most important market for revenue. The survey was conducted in September 2012 and the senior level executives polled were drawn from IDM, foundry and fabless chip companies. The rebound projected to start in the second half of 2013, but ...   (View)

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Sony, Toshiba will spend more on chips, iSuppli reports

Published:2012/12/7 0:40:00 Author:Ecco

The market research firm IHS iSuppli indicated that Sony Corp. and Toshiba Corp., Japanese consumer electronics giants, would increase their spending on semiconductors over the next two years as they invest in a wide range of new products in an attempt to revitalize their businesses. According to HIS reports about semiconductor spe...   (View)

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Qualcomm becomes the 13th company to join NFC Forum board

Published:2012/11/28 21:16:00 Author:Ecco

According to mobile communications company Qualcomm Inc., the company was previously a principal member of NFC Forum, the non-profit industry association. And now it has upgraded is membership of the NFC Forum to the sponsor level, which includes a seat on the board of directors. Qualcomm is the 13th company to join NFC Forum after Broadcom, NEC, Nokia, NXP, Renesas, Samsung, Sony, STMicroelectronics and V...   (View)

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TSMC increases building work for FinFET fab

Published:2012/11/28 0:34:00 Author:Ecco

According to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd., the company has held a groundbreaking ceremony for a fab module at its Fab 14 gigafab at the South Taiwan Science Park in Tainan, Taiwan. And its first fab will mass produce 16-nm FinFET circuits in 2014. It is reported that building work for phase six of the Fab 14 gigafab is not due to start until 2013 as part of a $17 billion capacity expansion sc...   (View)

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TI plans to cut 1,700 jobs in OMAP shift

Published:2012/11/19 20:48:00 Author:Ecco

According to the announcement pushed by Texas Instruments Inc. in Wednesday (Nov. 14), it would cut about 1,700 jobs worldwide as part of a previously disclosed plan to re-target R&D for its OMAP product line at the embedded systems market, away from smartphones and tablets. Executives from TI (Dallas) said in September that the company would shift its R&D investment on the OMAP applications process...   (View)

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Qualcomm becomes the leading supplier of application processor

Published:2012/11/10 0:16:00 Author:Ecco

According to market researcher IC Insights, San Diego-based Qualcomm is expected to increase its sales by 30 percent in 2012. Qualcomm’s annual chips sales are expected to reach about $12.8 billion in annual chip sales, moving it three spots in the researchers’ rankings to No. 4. Qualcomm’s standing as the leading supplier of application processors for mobile devices. In fact, it is fabless – has improved i...   (View)

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Wireless- and Internet-addressable LED lighting can be provided by Philips, Apple

Published:2012/10/30 20:46:00 Author:Ecco

According to Philips, the consumer electronics giant, it has pushed a kind of wireless- and Internet-addressable LED light bulbs called hue that consumers can control from any iOS or Android device, including changing colors and turning on and off remotely. However, the hue kit is being offered exclusively through Apple stor...   (View)

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China medical electronics revenue is expected to be double by 2016

Published:2012/10/25 22:02:00 Author:Ecco

The market researcher IHS iSuppli China Research predicted that China’s medical electronics industry revenue would be double in 2016. According to the analysis from IHS, medical electronics was a $4 billion industry in China during 2011, up 19.6 percent on a...   (View)

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AMD will lay off 15 percent of its workforce to cut costs

Published:2012/10/18 21:45:00 Author:Ecco

According to AMD executives, Advanced Micro Devices, staggered by a weak global consumer demand and strategic missteps, will lay off 15 percent of its workforce to cut costs while launching an aggressive push into embedded markets to counter declining PC sales that will continue for the foreseeable future . It is reported that AMD sales dropped 10 percent sequentially to $1.27 billion in the third quarter,...   (View)

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The mini version of Galaxy S III is pushed by Samsung

Published:2012/10/13 3:30:00 Author:Ecco

The latest version of Smartphone from Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. is called Galaxy S III which is featuring a 4-inch screen and running version 4.1 of Google Inc.’s operating system. It is pushed in Wednesday. It is said that Galaxy S III mini had been widely used. The features of G...   (View)

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