Features: Ultra low quiescent current (IQ 15 A for IO 100 A)Fixed 5V, 50 mA outputOutput tolerance ±3% over line, load, and temperatureDropout voltage typically 200 mV @ Io = 50 mAReverse battery protection-50V reverse transient protectionInternal short circuit current limitInternal thermal shut...

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LM2936: Features: Ultra low quiescent current (IQ 15 A for IO 100 A)Fixed 5V, 50 mA outputOutput tolerance ±3% over line, load, and temperatureDropout voltage typically 200 mV @ Io = 50 mAReverse battery ...

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Ultra low quiescent current (IQ 15 A for IO 100 A)
Fixed 5V, 50 mA output
Output tolerance ±3% over line, load, and temperature
Dropout voltage typically 200 mV @ Io = 50 mA
Reverse battery protection
-50V reverse transient protection
Internal short circuit current limit
Internal thermal shutdown protection
40V operating voltage limit


Unlike other PNP low dropout regulators, the LM2936 re-mains fully operational to 40V. Owing to power dissipationcharacteristics of the available packages, full output currentcannot be guaranteed for all combinations of ambient tem-perature and input voltage. As an example, consider anLM2936Z operating at 25ambient. Using the formula formaximum allowable power dissipation given in (Note 3) , wefind that PDmax= 641 mW at 25. Including the smallcon-tribution of the quiescent current to total power dissipationthe maximum input voltage (while still delivering 50 mA out-put current) is 17.3V.The LM2936Z will go into thermal shut-down if it attempts to deliver full output current with an inputvoltage of more than 17.3V. Similarly, at 40V input and 25ambient the LM2936Z can deliver 18 mAmaximum.
Under conditions of higher ambient temperatures, the volt-age and current calculated in the previous examples willdrop. For instance, at the maximum ambient of 125 theLM2936Z can only dissipate 128 mW, limiting the input volt-age to 7.34V for a 50 mA load, or 3.5 mA output current fora 40V input.


Input Voltage (Survival) +60V, -50V
ESD Susceptibility (Note 2) 2000V
Power Dissipation (Note 3) Internally limited
Junction Temperature (TJmax )150.C
torage Temperature Range -65.C to +150.C
Lead Temperature (Soldering, 10sec.) 260.C

Output Current 50 mA
Output Min 3, 3.3, 5 Volt
Input Min Voltage 5.5, 4.0 Volt
Input Max Voltage 60 Volt
Dropout Voltage 0.2 Volt
Adjustable Output No
Quiescent Current 0.016, 0.009, 0.015 mA
On/Off Pin Yes
Error Flag No
RegType LDO
Temperature Min -40 deg C
Temperature Max 125 deg C
Output Max 3, 3.3, 5 Volt
Output Voltage 3, 3.3, 5 Volt
Automotive Selection Guide Yes
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The LM2936 ultra-low quiescent current regulator features low dropout voltage and low current in the standby mode. With less than 15 µA quiescent current at a 100 µA load, the LM2936 is ideally suited for automotive and other battery operated systems. The LM2936 retains all of the features that are common to low dropout regulators including a low dropout PNP pass device, short circuit protection, reverse battery protection, and thermal shutdown. The LM2936 has a 40V maximum operating voltage limit, a −40°C to +125°C operating temperature range, and ±3% output voltage tolerance over the entire output current, input voltage, and temperature range. The LM2936 is available in a TO-92 package, a SO-8 surface mount package, and a TO-252 surface mount power package.

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