Features: ` Flexible SmartVoltage Technology- 2.7V3.6V Program/Erase- 2.7V3.6V Read Operation- 12V VPP Fast Production Programming` 2.7V or 1.8V I/O Option- Reduces Overall System Power` Optimized Block Sizes- Eight 8-Kbyte Blocks for Data, Top or Bottom Locations- Up to Thirty-One 64-Kbyte Blocks...

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TE28F008B3B120: Features: ` Flexible SmartVoltage Technology- 2.7V3.6V Program/Erase- 2.7V3.6V Read Operation- 12V VPP Fast Production Programming` 2.7V or 1.8V I/O Option- Reduces Overall System Power` Optimized B...

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` Flexible SmartVoltage Technology
- 2.7V3.6V Program/Erase
- 2.7V3.6V Read Operation
- 12V VPP Fast Production Programming
` 2.7V or 1.8V I/O Option
- Reduces Overall System Power
` Optimized Block Sizes
- Eight 8-Kbyte Blocks for Data, Top or Bottom Locations
- Up to Thirty-One 64-Kbyte Blocks for Code
` High Performance
- 2.7V3.6V: 120 ns Max Access Time
` Block Locking
- VCC-Level Control through WP#
`Low Power Consumption
- 20 mA Maximum Read Current
` Absolute Hardware-Protection
- VPP = GND Option
- VCC Lockout Voltage
` Extended Temperature Operation
- 40 to +85
` Supports Code plus Data Storage
- Optimized for FDI, Flash Data Integrator Software
- Fast Program Suspend Capability
- Fast Erase Suspend Capability
` Extended Cycling Capability
- 10,000 Block Erase Cycles
` Automated Byte Program and Block Erase
- Command User Interface
- Status Registers
` SRAM-Compatible Write Interface
` Automatic Power Savings Feature
` Reset/Deep Power-Down
- 1 A ICCTypical
- Spurious Write Lockout
` Standard Surface Mount Packaging
- 48-Ball mBGA* Package
- 40-Lead TSOP Package
` Footprint Upgradeable
- Upgradeable from 2-, 4- and 8-Mbit Boot Block
` ETOX™ V (0.4 ) Flash Technology
` x8-Only Input/Output Architecture
- For Space-Constrained 8-bit Applications


  Connection Diagram


Extended Operating Temperature
During Read ............................ 40 to +85
During Block Erase
and Program............................ 40 to +85
Temperature Under Bias ......... 40 to +85
Storage Temperature............. 65 to +125
Voltage on Any Pin
(except VCC, VCCQ and VPP)
with Respect to GND ............... 0.5V to +5.0V1
VPP Voltage (for Block
Erase and Program)
with Respect to GND .........0.5V to +13.5V1,2,4
VCC and VCCQ Supply Voltage
with Respect to GND ............... 0.2V to +5.0V1
Output Short Circuit Current................. 100 mA3

1. Minimum DC voltage is 0.5V on input/output pins. During transitions, this level may undershoot to 2.0V for periods < 20 ns. Maximum DC voltage on input/output pins is VCC + 0.5V which, during transitions, may overshoot to VCC + 2.0V for periods < 20 ns.
2. Maximum DC voltage on VPP may overshoot to +14.0V for periods < 20 ns.
3. Output shorted for no more than one second.No more than one output shorted at a time.
4. VPP Program voltage is normally 2.7V3.6V. Connection to supply of 11.4V12.6V can only be done for 1000 cycles on the main blocks and 2500 cycles on the parameter blocks during program/erase. VPP may be connected to 12V for a total of 80 hours maximum. See Section 3.4 for details.


The TE28F008B3B120 new Smart 3 Advanced Boot Block, manufactured on Intel's latest 0.4 technology, represents a featurerich
solution at overall lower system cost. Smart 3 flash memory devices incorporate low voltage capability (2.7V read, program and erase) with high-speed, low-power operation. Several new features have been added, including the ability to drive the I/O at 1.8V, which significantly reduces system active power and interfaces to 1.8V controllers. A new blocking scheme enables code and data storage within a single device.

Add to this the TE28F008B3B120 Intel-developed Flash Data Integrator (FDI) software and you have the most cost-effective, monolithic code plus data storage solution on the market today. Smart 3 Advanced Boot Block Byte-Wide products will be available in 40-lead TSOP and 48-ball BGA* packages. Additional information on this product family can be obtained by accessing Intel's WWW page: http://www.intel.com/design/flcomp

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