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  • Dynex Semiconductor
  • Dynex Semiconductor [ DYNEX ]


    Founded in 1956, Dynex Semiconductor Ltd is a leading supplier of high power semiconductor devices and power assemblies. The company is headquartered in Lincoln, England and has a 9000 m2 facility including the fully integrated silicon fabrication, assembly and test, sales, design and development

  • DOMINANT Semiconductors
  • DOMINANT Semiconductors [ DOMINANT ]


    DOMINANT opto Technologies, established in late 2000, is a outstanding manufacturer of opto semiconductors. It attaches much importance on design, development of the opto semiconductors. Moreover, it is also the initiated manufacturer which provides the research and development, test and

  • Diotec Semiconductor
  • Diotec Semiconductor [ Diotec ]


    The Diotec Semiconductor, founded in 1973 in Heitersheim, Germany, is one of the market leaders in the electronic device field. The Diotec Semiconductor offers one of the widest ranges of products and fastest delivery time.

    Diotec has been active in this highly c

  • DIOTEC Electronics Corporation
  • DIOTEC Electronics Corporation [ DEC ]


    DIOTEC Electronics Corporation is a major supplier of industry standard and custom power diodes and rectifiers, which has more than 25 years history. The long history makes it recognize the reason o



    TDK-Lambda Corporation, founded in 1978, is a company that Designs, manufactures, sales and maintenance-services of switching power supplies and peripherals. It has a long history of development, for example: Headquarters transferred to current location in Higashi-Gowanda, Tokyo in 1979, Korea bra

  • Dc Components
  • Dc Components [ DC Components ]


    C Components Co., Ltd was founded in 1992, which is a world leading professional manufacturer. It contributed to developing, producing and marketing a full variety of diode and bridge rectifiers. Its motto is: satisfy customers with excellent quality and superior services.  Offering excellent

  • DB Lectro Inc
  • DB Lectro Inc [ Désireux ]


    Founded in 1987 by Jocelyne and Daniel Bergeron, DB Lectro Inc is a company offering real choices to the conventional methods of procurement in the field of electronic components to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM).Later,DB Lectro Inc developed and maintained strategic alliances with important manufacturers

  • Datatronic Distribution, Inc.
  • Datatronic Distribution, Inc. [ Datatronic ]


    Datatronic Distribution Inc., founded in 1971, is the USA operation for Datatronic, Ltd. of Hong Kong. Datatronic Ltd. It has been designing and building wirewound magnetics since 1978. The conpany owns a 120,000 square foot manufacturing facility which is located in Shunde, Guangdong Province, PR

  • Data Delay Devices, Inc.
  • Data Delay Devices, Inc. [ DATA DELAY DEVICES ]


    Data Delay Devices,INC. was founded in 1964 with the goal of becoming a major supplier of delay line components to the electronics industry with an emphasis on quality, reliability and service. It is a designer, developer and manufacturer of anal

  • DAICO Industries, Inc.
  • DAICO Industries, Inc. [ DAICO ]


    DAICO Industries, Inc. is a privately held California corporation which has 40 year history. Its 41,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility is located 12 miles south of the Los Angeles international airport. The company specializes in providing advanced IF/RF and microwave control products and amplifie

  • Daesan Electronics Corp.
  • Daesan Electronics Corp. [ DEC ]


    DAESAN electronics corporation is established in the year 1979. It is a manufacturer specialized in rectifiers with a proven management system. It provides to hundreds of business with the highest product quality, product selection, low product pricing, on-time product de


  • Models: MMA7260Q
Price: 6.8-7.2 USD


    Price: 6.8-7.2 USD

    low cost capacitive micromachined accelerometer, 3.6 V, 800μA, QFN-16

  • Models: EVM31-050A
Price: 13-50 USD


    Price: 13-50 USD

    EVM31-050A, BIPOLAR TRANSISTOR MODULES, 600v, 150A, 600W

  • Models: LM3364K-15
Price: 1-10 USD


    Price: 1-10 USD

    2.5V voltage reference, DIP, 10mA, LM3364K-15, Sanyo Semicon Device

  • Models: FU9024N
Price: .2-.3 USD


    Price: 0.2-0.3 USD

    HEXFET, TO-251, -11A

  • Models: PIC16F84A-04/P
Price: 1.2-1.25 USD


    Price: 1.2-1.25 USD

    1KX14, 18DIP, 4MHz, 4 V ~ 5.5 V, 8-Bit Microcontroller, RoHS Compliant, 100mA

  • Models: PEF22622FV
Price: 8-30 USD


    Price: 8-30 USD

    PEF22622FV, one chip transceiver IC, QFP, Infineon, 10mA, 3.3V, +5V

  • Models: BSM35GD120DLC-E3224
Price: 40-60 USD


    Price: 40-60 USD

    BSM35GD120DLC-E3224, IGBT Module, 1200V, 70A, 280W

  • Models: CY7C1049D-10VXI
Price: 4.71-7.04 USD


    Price: 4.71-7.04 USD

    high-performance, CMOS static RAM, SOJ-36, –0.5V to +6.0V, 200 mA, High speed,...

  • Models: AD9854ASVZ
Price: .01-6 USD


    Price: 0.01-6 USD

    Analog Devices AD9854ASVZ, TQFP EP, 300 MHz, 12 Bit

  • Models: ATTINY12L-4SC
Price: .15-2.4 USD


    Price: 0.15-2.4 USD