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  • Fujikura Ltd.
  • Fujikura Ltd. [ Fiber ]


    Fujikura Ltd.was established in 1885 with headquarters 1-5-1, Kiba, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-8512 Map. It has a capital of 53.0 billon yen (as of March 31, 2009) and 46,466(Consolidated) employees.

    Fujikura Ltd.'s product line includes Single-Mode Fiber, Low-Water-Peak Single-Mode Fib

  • Frontier Electronics.
  • Frontier Electronics. [ Frontier Electronics ]


    Frontier Electronics is professional in designing and manufacturing various high quality electronic components for customers worldwidely. It is established in 1972 having a newly built facility in Dong Guan, China which allows it to significantly

  • Frequency Devices, Inc.
  • Frequency Devices, Inc. [ FD ]


    Frequency Devices is professional in designing and manufacturing high precision standard and custom signal conditioning, signal processing and signal recognition solutions for the data acquisition, data conversion (ADC and DAC) and data translation market. Since 1968, Frequency Devices has offered

  • Fox Electronics
  • Fox Electronics [ FER ]


    Fox Electronics is professional in supplying he industry's largest range of frequency control products, which includes quartz crystals, temperature controlled and voltage controlled crystal oscillators (TCXOs and VCXOs ), clock oscillators, and monolithic crystal filters, OCXOs and the new Xpres

  • Formosa MS
  • Formosa MS [ FM ]


    FORMOSA MICROSEMI CO. LTD was founded on July 1996. The company's principle is: "Innovation, speed, diligence and frugality; creating benefits; enthusiasm, sincerity, trustiness and righteousness; prospect in future". It makes the management and cooperation with stockholders, staff and related ass

  • First Components International
  • First Components International [ FCI ]


    First Components International, Inc., (FCI) was founded in 1992 which is a top quality, cost competitive supplier of prime silicon substrates, both CZ and FZ types and silicon epitaxial wafers to the semiconductor industry.

    FCI supplys wafers to manufacturers of all classes of discrete sem

  • Filtran LTD
  • Filtran LTD [ Filtran ]


    Filtran Ltd started to manufacture quality components in 1969 and now it supplies superior quality electronic components to major producers of communications equipment, computer peripherals, process control equipment and instrumentation.In the past, Filtran designed and built products to meet cust



    Fidelix Co,. Ltd. focuses on supplying higher performance and more cost competitive memory solutions to customers since having incorporated in year 2000.Fidelix Co,. Ltd. has highly experienced professionals working together with trust-based relationship.

    Fidelix Co,. Ltd. has async

  • Feature Integration Technology Inc.
  • Feature Integration Technology Inc. [ Field ]


    Feature Integration Technology Inc., (Fintek) is established in 14th, 5, 2002 by a group of professionals with rich experience in personal computer industry and its related ICs design, marketing, sales and application service.The products include power management IC, embedded IC/memory logi,

  • Fair-Rite Products Corp.
  • Fair-Rite Products Corp. [ FR ]


    The Fair-Rite Products Corp. has been a good choice in cost effective ferrite components. It offers a comprehensive product line that includes a wide range of materials and geometries for EMI Suppression, Power Applications, and FRID Antennas. Furthermore, it supplies a wide variety of standard ca


  • Models: AT28C64B-15TU
Price: 2-3 USD


    Price: 2-3 USD

    high-performance electrically-erasable and programmable readonly memory, 6.25V...

  • Models: ATMEGA8A-AU
Price: .8-1.25 USD


    Price: 0.8-1.25 USD

    ATMEGA8A-AU, low-power CMOS 8-bit microcontroller, QFP-32, 6V, 40mA, ATMEL Cor...

  • Models: 60EPF06
Price: 1-4 USD


    Price: 1-4 USD

    to-247, fast soft recovery rectifier diode, 60 A, 100A/μs, 70 ns

  • Models: HVC358BTRF
Price: .098-.143 USD


    Price: 0.098-0.143 USD

    15V, Variable Capacitance Diode, Ultra small Flat Package, 0.4Ω, Low series re...

  • Models: 154719-1
Price: .023-.0243 USD


    Price: 0.023-0.0243 USD

    154719-1, Positive Lock Connector, TYCO, TE connectivity

  • Models: IDG300Q
Price: 20-25 USD


    Price: 20-25 USD

    dual-axis angular rate sensor, QFN-40, -0.3 to 6V, IDG300Q, InvenSense

  • Models: QU80386EXTC25
Price: 9.8-18 USD


    Price: 9.8-18 USD

    Embedded Microcontroller, QFP, 32-bit Register, High Speed CHMOS Technology

  • Models: MPC8377VRALG
Price: 63.11-66.4 USD


    Price: 63.11-66.4 USD

    MPC8377 Series 667 MHz 64 KB Cache PowerQUICC II Pro Processor - TEPBGA-689

  • Models: DS12C887+
Price: 30-32 USD


    Price: 30-32 USD

    Real-Time Clock, 128-byte, 24-EDIP, -0.3V to +6.0V, DS12C887+, Dallas

  • Models: MC3346DR2
Price: .158-.16 USD


    Price: 0.158-0.16 USD

    MC3346DR2, General Purpose Transistor Array, SOP14, 15Vdc, 15mAdc