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  • MTRONPTI [ MtronPTI ]


    Piezo Technology, Inc. was founded on September 30, 2004, which is now doing business under the name MtronPTI.  In 1965, MtronPTI began as a manufacturer of quartz crystals to the commercial and two-way radio. MtronPTI has over 150,000 square feet dedicated to manufacturing with its three man

  • Mospec Semiconductor
  • Mospec Semiconductor [ MOSPEC ]


    MOSPEC Semiconductor Corp. is founded in 1987. MOSPEC is a publicly traded company listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange. MOSPEC is a vertically integrated power semiconductor company. It is technically the most advanced power semiconductor company in Taiwan with extensive product lines. Among its c



    Apta established in 1983. Apta Group Ltd is Europe's leading manufacturer of high density memory solutions for a range of commercial and high reliability applications. Through the early 1980's the company grew rapidly developing a extensive commercial product portfolio. Apta have developed a range

  • Monolithic Power Systems
  • Monolithic Power Systems [ MPS ]


    Monolithic Power Systems (MPS) was founded in 1997, and headquartered in San Jose, California. MPS has three core strengths; deep system-level and applications knowledge, strong analog design expertise, and an innovative proprietary process technology. Monolithic is a high performance analog semic

  • Mitsumi Electronics, Corp.
  • Mitsumi Electronics, Corp. [ Mitsumi ]


    Mitsumi is a global company that was founded in 1954 and is headquartered in Tama, Japan.  Mitsumi currently manufactures a wide array of Radio Frequency devices including a full line of antennas and receiver/transceiver modules such as AM/FM, SDARS, Bluetooth, Wifi, Wimax and more. Our compo

  • Mitel Networks Corporation
  • Mitel Networks Corporation [ Mitel ]


    Mitel's corporate culture has been well-established over our nearly 30 years of existence. Mitel’s headquarters in Ottawa, Canada and locations around the world, Mitel has approximately, 2,400 employees. Mitel is a leading provider of communications solutions for a range of organizations – from th

  • Minmax Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Minmax Technology Co., Ltd. [ MINMAX ]


    MINMAX was founded is in 1990 and has established the high quality control system on manufacturing robust DC/DC converters and AC/DC Power Modules. As a leading provider of DC/DC Converters and AC/DC Power Modules applied in the industry fields of Telecom, Datacom, Medical and Test & Measureme

  • Mimix Broadband
  • Mimix Broadband [ MBI ]


    Mimix Broadband, Inc. was founded for the design, development and marketing of MMICs in Feb 2000. Mimix has offices in Houston, Sydney, Belfast and Hsinchu, and offers a unique combination of semiconductor design expertise and communications systems background to develop state-of-the-art RF, micro

  • Microtune,Inc
  • Microtune,Inc [ Microtune ]


    Microtune, Inc. was founded in 1996, headquartered in Plano, TX. Microtune has established key design and sales centers around the world, including Germany, China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom. Microtune is a receiver solutions company with a portfolio of advanced tuner, demodulato

  • Microsemi Corporation
  • Microsemi Corporation [ Microsemi ]


    Microsemi Corporation (Nasdaq:MSCC) was founded in 1960. The number of its employees is approximately 2150. Microsemi’s products integrated circuits, semiconductor components and modules, power over Ethernet systems. Its customers include Honeywell, GE, HP, Raytheon, Dell, LG, Lockheed, Seagate, B

  • Micropac Industries
  • Micropac Industries [ MII ]


    Micropac Industries, Inc. offers the manufacturing of multichip microelectronics modules over 40 years. Micropac can support High Mix / Low Mix volume contract manufacturing services and can provide services tailored to meet the customers’ unique electronics packaging requirements. Micropac can al

  • Micronas
  • Micronas [ Micronas ]


    Micronas is a leading supplier of cutting-edge sensor and IC system solutions for automotive electronics with worldwide operations. While the holding company is headquartered in Zurich (Switzerland), operational headquarters are based in Freiburg (Germany). Currently, the Micronas Group employs ar
    HAL505SF-E   HAL505S-E   HAL320SF-E   HAL214S-E  

  • Micro Analog systems
  • Micro Analog systems [ MAS ]


    Micro Analog Systems Oy (MAS) founded in 1980, it’s headquarters in Espoo, Finland. It also operates a second design office in Tallinn, Estonia and has in-house wafer level testing and final testing facility. MAS is a privately owned semiconductor company, designs and markets low voltage, low powe

  • Micon Design Technology Corporation
  • Micon Design Technology Corporation [ MDT ]


    Micon Design Technology Co. Ltd. is a professional MCU designing and manufacturing company. Micon was established in June 1996 in Taiwan. All of the team members of the company have excellent qualification and work experience in IC designing and manufacturing field, either in the area of design en

  • MDE Semiconductor, Inc.
  • MDE Semiconductor, Inc. [ MDE ]


    MDE Semiconductor, Inc. is a market leader in Circuit Protection Products. MDE Semiconductor, Inc. is an innovative, quality oriented device manufacturer. MDE’s dedication and innovation provide high quality, low cost products delivered on time. With the focus on TVS, MDE has extensive knowledge o

  • Maxwell Technologies
  • Maxwell Technologies [ Maxwell ]


    Maxwell was founded as Maxwell Laboratories in 1965. In 1983, Initial public offering of Maxwell common stock. Then it merged with S-Cubed, Inc. Maxwell acquired I-Bus industrial computing business in 1990 and acquired Sierra components business in 1991. In 1996, Maxwell changed name to Maxwell Te

  • Marktech Optoelectronics
  • Marktech Optoelectronics [ Marktech ]


    Marktech Optoelectronics is a professional company enaging in the design and manufacturer of the optoelectronics. The company is headquartered in New York, USA with a in-house engineering lab. Through over 25 years of development in the optoelectronics industry, the company has established longter

  • Macronix International
  • Macronix International [ MXIC ]


    Founded in 1989, Macronix is leading supplier of ROM products. The company is headquartered in the Science Park, Hsinchu, Taiwan with 3500 employees. Macronix possesses one 8-inch wafer fab (Fab 2) and one 6-inch wafer fab (Fab 1).  Fab 2 emphasizes in the nonvolatile memory products in Fab 2

  • M.S. Kennedy Corporation
  • M.S. Kennedy Corporation [ MSK ]


    Founded in 1971, M.S. Kennedy Corporation (MSK) is a leading company engaging in the design and production of high performance/reliability analog microelectronics. The company is headquartered in Liverpool, USA. MSK became one of the earliest MIL-STD-1772 certified companies in 1988. In addition,


  • Models: SAB80C517A-N18-T3
Price: 17-24 USD


    Price: 17-24 USD

    8-Bit, CMOS Single Chip Microcontroller, PLCC, Four 16 bit timer, Fast Power-O...

  • Models: SM340QF
Price: 1.55-1.6 USD


    Price: 1.55-1.6 USD

    SM340QF, surface mount schottky barrier rectifier, QFP-148, 40V, 3A, Silicon i...

  • Models: TLE7240SL
Price: .1-100 USD


    Price: 0.1-100 USD

    low-side switch, 24SSOP, 3 V ~ 5.5 V, 1.5 Ohm, 210mA, TLE7240SL, Infineon

  • Models: 93LC46B/SN
Price: .1248-.1248 USD


    Price: 0.1248-0.1248 USD


  • Models: TPS7301QDR
Price: .7143-.715 USD


    Price: 0.7143-0.715 USD

    low-dropout voltage regulator, 8-SOIC, 2.5V, 0 mA to 500 mA, TPS7301QDR

  • Models: MAX232
Price: .1-100 USD


    Price: 0.1-100 USD

    +5V supply voltage, Multichannel RS-232 Drivers/Receivers, SOP-16, 120 kbps da...

  • Models: STR912FAW47X6
Price: 6.3-13.2 USD


    Price: 6.3-13.2 USD


  • Models: CS4228A-KS EP
Price: 6-7 USD

    CS4228A-KS EP

    Price: 6-7 USD

    24-Bit, 96 kHz Surround Sound Codec, SSOP28, Six 24-bit D/A converters

  • Models: AAT1168
Price: 1-4 USD


    Price: 1-4 USD

    triple-channel TFT LCD power solution, 7 V, QFN, Low Dissipation Current

  • Models: LQM2MPN2R2NG0L
Price: .0001-.21 USD


    Price: 0.0001-0.21 USD

    power chip inductor, Chip Coil, multilayer type, SMD, 2.2μH, 1MHz, 1200mA