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  • Nuvotem Talema
  • Nuvotem Talema [ NT ]


    Established in 1975,Nuvotem Talema has grown rapidly as a manufacturer of leading-edge toroidal transformers. Today its workforce numbers more than 500, and they are proud of their strong technical engineering expertise. Marketing, sales and after-sales services are handled by the Irish headquarte

  • NTE Electronics
  • NTE Electronics [ NTE ]


    Micron is one of the world's leading semiconductor companies. It is  headquartered in Boise, Idaho, and incorporated under the laws of the state of Idaho in 1978.
    In 2008,Micron launches Aptina Imaging: a CMOS image sensor division. It continues leadership in energy-efficient memory desig

  • Nippon Precision Circuits Inc
  • Nippon Precision Circuits Inc [ NPC ]


    Eiko NPC Corporation was founded in 1975 as a semiconductor manufacturer of the Seiko Group.The same year it developed the world's first PLL for CMOS LSI for CBs,and next year it developed the world's first quartz clock LSI for record players.In 1986,it developed the world's f

  • Ningbo Foryard Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.
  • Ningbo Foryard Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. [ FORYARD ]


    Ningbo Foryard Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. is Located in Jiangdong Ningbo Hi-tech Park, the most industrialized and technologically advanced area in China. It’s a manufacturer specializing in the LED industry in China. Foryard consists of a matched management team and a group of expert engineers, hi

  • Nihon Inter Electronics Corporation
  • Nihon Inter Electronics Corporation [ NIEC ]


    Nihon Inter Electronics Corporation was founded on August 21, 1957. NIEC’s Head Office was in Japan. There are 322 employees non-consolidated, and 882 consolidated as of Apr.1, 2006. The management Policy of NIEC is to develop the market by satisfying the customers borderlessly in advance and enla



    In 1956, Nichia Corporation was established at Aratano-Cho, Anan-City. The operation of Kaminaka Plant (presently Headquarters and Main Plant) started in 1964. After two years, Nichia Corporation began the production of phosphors for fluorescent lamps. In 1968 a patent license agreement with Gener

  • NIC-Components Corp.
  • NIC-Components Corp. [ NIC ]


    Nippon Industries Company Ltd. (NIC Japan) was founded in 1975. NIC Components Corporation was established in USA, in 1982, while NIC Components Europe Ltd and NIC Components Asia Pte Ltd. in 1997 and 1998. NIC Components Corporation is a designer, manufacturer and worldwide supplier of passive co

  • New Japan Radio
  • New Japan Radio [ JRC ]


    Saitama Japan Radio Co. Ltd. was founded in Sep. 1959. Then in Mar., 1961 its name changed to New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. In Dec., 1961 JRC became a joint venture between Japan Radio Co., Ltd. and Raytheon Company. In Jul., 1962 JRC took over the manufacturing division of semiconductors from Japan R

  • Nel Frequency Controls,inc
  • Nel Frequency Controls,inc [ NEL ]


    NEL Frequency Controls is a technology leader in the development and manufacture of leading edge frequency control products. NEL's research and product development efforts support next generation customer applications that push performance boundaries in system speed, bandwidth, resolution, accurac

  • Nais(Matsushita Electric Works)
  • Nais(Matsushita Electric Works) [ panasonic ]


    In October 2008, the company 'Matsushita Electric Works' was changed to 'Panasonic Electric Works.' The Company's Board of Directors is made up of a maximum of 15 members who are responsible for setting the course for and supervising business execution. Since the development of its 'attachment plu


  • Models: FT245RL
Price: 2.5-2.6 USD


    Price: 2.5-2.6 USD

    28-SSOP, USB to parallel FIFO interface, -0.5V to +3.8V, Low USB bandwidth con...

  • Models: SF500EX26
Price: 25-100 USD


    Price: 25-100 USD

    phase control, high speed thyristor, Toshiba

  • Models: 216DCP4ALA12FG
Price: 5-10 USD


    Price: 5-10 USD

    216DCP4ALA12FG, BGA, ATI

  • Models: LM3914N
Price: 1-1.5 USD


    Price: 1-1.5 USD

    Dot/Bar Display Driver, DIP-18, 25V, 1365 mW, linear analog display, 10 mA

  • Models: TLC0820ACDBR
Price: .59-14.99 USD


    Price: 0.59-14.99 USD


  • Models: TPS62111RSAR
Price: .99-6.99 USD


    Price: 0.99-6.99 USD

    IC REG BUCK SYNC 3.3V 1.5A 16QFN

  • Models: 3554AM
Price: 1-10 USD


    Price: 1-10 USD

    Hybrid operational amplifier, ±100mA, 150ns, 40V, 3.5W, TO-3, 3554AM

  • Models: L7553AP
Price: .5-1 USD


    Price: 0.5-1 USD

    PLCC-44, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, Integrated Circuits, L7553AP

  • Models: AD976
Price: .01-6 USD


    Price: 0.01-6 USD

    high-speed, low-power 16-bit A/D converters

  • Models: ad1855jrs
Price: 4.95-5.12 USD


    Price: 4.95-5.12 USD

    high performance, single-chip stereo, audio DAC, SSOP28, –0.3 to 6 V, Power-Do...