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  • Xilinx, Inc
  • Xilinx, Inc [ Xilinx ]


    Xilinx, Inc was established in 1984, which is located in San Jose, CA. They are not only the leader in programmable solutions in the world, but also the pioneer of the fables semiconductor model. There are sales markets in Ireland, Singapore, Arizona, Irvine, San Diego, Montreal, Ottawa, Florida,


  • Models: ATTINY2313-20SU
Price: 2.3-2.7 USD


    Price: 2.3-2.7 USD

    8-bit Microcontroller, In-System Programmable Flash, I/O and Packages

  • Models: 7MBR35SB120-50
Price: 1-2 USD


    Price: 1-2 USD

    Converter diode bridge, Dynamic brake circuit, 1200V, IGBT module, DIP

  • Models: MCP67MV-A2
Price: 39-40 USD


    Price: 39-40 USD

    BGA chipset, BGA, NVIDIA Corporation

  • Models: K9WBG08U1M-PCBO
Price: 17-18 USD


    Price: 17-18 USD

    8G-bit NAND Flash Memory, 4.6V, 5 mA, 10 Years, TSOP-48

  • Models: LM350T
Price: .89-.9 USD


    Price: 0.89-0.9 USD

    IC REG LDO ADJ 3A TO220-3

  • Models: SMBJ20A
Price: .049-.098 USD


    Price: 0.049-0.098 USD

    SMBJ20A, Transient Voltage Suppressor, DO214, 20V, 600W, 100A

  • Models: RTC63421
Price: 1-10 USD


    Price: 1-10 USD

    4-bit, MULTIFUNCTIONAL, REAL TIME CLOCK MODULE, DIP, -0.3 to 7.0 V Power sourc...

  • Models: H11AV1M
Price: .3-.8 USD


    Price: 0.3-0.8 USD

    H11AV1M, phototransistor optocoupler, DIP6, 250mW, 60mA, 7V

  • Models: BTS721L1
Price: 3.5-4 USD


    Price: 3.5-4 USD

    N channel vertical power FET, SOP, 43 V, Overload protection, Current limitati...

  • Models: AAT3113ITP-20-T1
Price: 1-10 USD


    Price: 1-10 USD

    1.5X fractional charge pump, TSOPJW-12, 2.7V to 5.5V, 20mA, AAT3113ITP-20-T1