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    Isocom Components was established over 15 years ago. The main businesses of Isocom are optoelectronic devices specialising in optocouplers and optoswitches. During the years, Isocom has consistently delivered in excess of its customer's expectations to become one of the most respected brands in th

  • Isahaya Electronics Corporation
  • Isahaya Electronics Corporation [ IDC ]


    In March 1973, Isahaya Electronics Industry Co. established in Kaizu, Isahaya City. It commenced production of SS-Transistors in August and six years later it commenced IC chip visual inspection and production of Hybrid IC. In 2006, its Overseas Sales Office was set to work: Isahaya Electronics sa

  • Intersema Sensoric SA
  • Intersema Sensoric SA [ ISSA ]


    MEAS Switzerland SA is a site of Measurement Specialties Inc, which is a world wide designer and manufacturer of sensors and sensor-based systems.  This system can measure pressure/force, position, vibration, temperature, humidity, and fluid properties. Measurement Specialties (China) Ltd. ha

  • Interpoint Corporation Company
  • Interpoint Corporation Company [ SPI ]


    Crane Co was founded in 1855. Crane Co. is a diversified manufacturer of engineered industrial products, which provides products and solutions to customers in the aerospace, defense, medical, electronics, hydrocarbon processing, petrochemical, chemical, power generation, automated merchandising, t

  • InterFET Corporation
  • InterFET Corporation [ InterFET ]


    InterFET Corporation, founded in 1982, is a privately held company incorporated in the State of Texas. Corporate headquarters, operating, and manufacturing facilities are located at 715 N Glenville Dr, Suite 400, Richardson, Texas, in the Dallas Metroplex.


  • Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc
  • Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc [ Integrated ]


    The Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc.(ISSI) is a technology leader which designs, develops and markets high performance integrated circuits for the following key markets: (1) digital consumer electronics, (2) networking, (3) mobile communications, and (4) automotive electronics, (5) industrial/med

  • InnovASIC, Inc
  • InnovASIC, Inc [ Innovasic ]


    Innovasic, founded in Albuquerque, NM in 1992, produces integrated circuits for customers with long product life-cycles. Originally established as a design services firm, Innovasic pioneered the FPGA and ASIC conversion business by developing novel approaches to achieve first pass success. The com

  • Inchange Semiconductor Company Limited
  • Inchange Semiconductor Company Limited [ ISC ]


    The ISC (Inchange Semiconductor Company) Limited being supplying power transistors from 1991, is a leading manufacturer and exporter of power transistors in China.
    ISC has established long-term, ongoing relationships with more than 600 major customers in over 30 countries. It has ISO9001:2000

  • ice Components, Ins.
  • ice Components, Ins. [ ICE ]


    ICE Components is a leading supplier of advanced power solutions to companies in the United States and abroad, which has more than 25 years history. It was founded by professional engineers for engineers. It dedicates to deliver innovative and cost effective design solutions, moreover, providing best in class supp



    IC Microsystems, established in 2001, is an outstanding IC design company. ICmic specializes in the field of IC design, device modeling, simulation, layout and testing, and chooses the qualified vendors to outsource the other operations like masking, foundry and packaging. The mission of the company is developing


  • Models: NLV25T-1R8J
Price: .04-.08 USD


    Price: 0.04-0.08 USD

    SMD Inductor, good heat durability, Lead-free material, excellent connection r...

  • Models: 1N3347B
Price: .1-.2 USD


    Price: 0.1-0.2 USD

    silicon 50Watt zener diode, DO-5, 1.5Volts, 1N3347B, Microsemi

  • Models: EP610ILI-12
Price: 1-50 USD


    Price: 1-50 USD

    EP610ILI-12, EPLD, –2.0 to 7.0V, –175 to 175mA, –25 to 25mA, PLCC28

  • Models: DS90CR485VS
Price: 25-32 USD


    Price: 25-32 USD

    Channel Link Serializer, 48BIT, 100-TQFP, 133MHz, 2.5V, 2.9W, DS90CR485VS

  • Models: FF300R12KE3
Price: 108-120 USD


    Price: 108-120 USD

    FF300R12KE3 Infineon Technologies IGBT Transistors 1200V 300A

  • Models: SN54HC04J
Price: 8-10 USD


    Price: 8-10 USD

    HEX inverter, 14-DIP, 2 V ~ 6 V, 5.2mA, SN54HC04J, Texas Instruments

  • Models: NDTS2403C
Price: 9.8-10.4 USD


    Price: 9.8-10.4 USD

    Isolated 3W Single Output DC/DC Converters

  • Models: AD650JNZ
Price: .1-15 USD


    Price: 0.1-15 USD

    AD650JN - Voltage-to-Frequency and Frequency-to-Voltage Converter - Analog Dev...

  • Models: G5N-1A-12VDC
Price: 1-2 USD


    Price: 1-2 USD

    G5N-1A-12VDC, Omron Electronics LLC, Relays

  • Models: RF2317TR7
Price: .93-1.4 USD


    Price: 0.93-1.4 USD

    linear CATV amplifier, 15dB, 45dBm, 9 to 12V, CJ2BAT0