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    Rubycon was founded in 1952 as Nihon Denkai Seisakusho.Commenced production of aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Then in1953, it changed the company name to Shin-Ei Tsushin Kogyo and in 1954 Feb, the company name was changed to Shin-Ei Tsushin Kogyo Inc.

    Over the

  • RICOH electronics devices division
  • RICOH electronics devices division [ ricoh ]


    Ricoh Company, Ltd. was established in February 6,1936.The headquarter is located in Tokyo,Japan.They focus much attention on office facilities.There are 5 main branches in the world,they are Americas,Europr,Asia Pacific,China and Japan.And in Tokyo Ricoh established 4 regional headquarters under

  • Richtek Technology Corporation
  • Richtek Technology Corporation [ richtek ]


    Richtek Technology Corporation was established in 1998.The headquarter is located in Hsinchu, Taiwan.They are engaging in designing the power management IC.Richtek focus much attention on deliver the most competitive power management IC products, the most comprehensive solutions and the most quali

  • RHOPOINT COMPONENTS [ resistors ]


    Rhopoint Components Ltd. was established in 1975.The headquarter is located in the UK.Rhopoint is a leading supplier of the precision electronic components and the sensor in Europe.Their customers includes Siemens,Jabil, Artesyn Technologies, Benchmark Electronics, Plexus, Sanmina SCI and Enics El

  • Rectron Semiconductor
  • Rectron Semiconductor [ Rectron ]


    Rectron Limited was established in January 1975,the headquarter is located  in Tu-Cheng, Taipei.They are engaging in supplying quality discrete semi-conductors.They focus much attention on the semi-conductor market.There are sales branches in the United States, Europe and

  • Recom International Power
  • Recom International Power [ RECOM ]


    Recom International Power is dedicated to serving the electronics industry for more than 30 years. The headquarter is located in Germany.Their main markets are in the performance-oriented telecommunication, industrial control, data processing, transportation (incl. avionics),

  • Raytheon Company
  • Raytheon Company [ Raytheon ]


    Raytheon Company was founded in 1922. The headquarter is located in Cambridge.It is a leader of technology and innovation.Raytheon is specialized in defense, homeland security and other government markets all over the world.They engaged in developing defense technologies and converting those

  • Ramtron International Corporation
  • Ramtron International Corporation [ RIC ]


    Ramtron International Corporation was founded in 1984,the headquarter is located in Colorado Springs.They are engaging in designing,developing, and delivering of unsurpassed semiconductor memory and integrated semiconductor solutions.They focus much attention on the semiconductor market.Ramtr

  • Raltron Electronics Corporation
  • Raltron Electronics Corporation [ Raltron ]


    Raltron Electronics Corporation was founded in 1983,the headquarter is located in Miami.It is one of the most recognized and experienced manufacturers of frequency management products in the world.They are engaging in delivering frequency management products.There are sales branches in the United

  • RAIO Technology Inc.
  • RAIO Technology Inc. [ RAiO ]


    RAiO Technology Inc. was founded in 1999, the headquarter is located in  HsinChu.They specializes in many digital and analog
    techniques and technologies, including the SOC, MCU, Analog IP and ASIC programmable solutions

  • Radiometrix Ltd
  • Radiometrix Ltd [ Radiometrix ]


    Radiometrix is established in 1985,the headquarter is located in  Headquartered in UK.They are specialised in the design and manufacture of low power radio products for rapid implementation of high-reliability, cable-free data links. They focus much attention on the radio market.

  • R & E International, Inc.
  • R & E International, Inc. [ Microchip ]


    Microchip Technology Incorporated is founded in 1989,the headquarter is located in  Chandler, Arizona.They are engaging in providing microcontroller and analog semiconductors.They focus much attention on the semiconductor market.There are 45 sales offices around the world

  • Rockwell Automation
  • Rockwell Automation [ RA ]


    Rockwell Automation was founded by Lynde Bradley and Dr. Stanton Allen form the Compression Rheostat Company with an initial investment of $1,000 and became one of the first commercially manufactured Allen-Bradley brand of crane controllers is shipped for exhibition at the 1904 St. Louis World's F


  • Models: EFOS4004E5
Price: .01-.1 USD


    Price: 0.01-0.1 USD

    EFOS4004E5, eramic Resonator, SMD, 4.00 MHz

  • Models: AT89C51RD2-UM
Price: 1-5 USD


    Price: 1-5 USD

    8-bit Flash Microcontroller, PLCC, high performance, CMOS, 80C51, -0.5V to + 6...

  • Models: SNJ54LS590
Price: 1-15 USD


    Price: 1-15 USD

    binary counter, DIP, 7 V

  • Models: REF5050ID
Price: 1.99-7.39 USD


    Price: 1.99-7.39 USD


  • Models: C8051F020-GQR
Price: 2.8-3.1 USD


    Price: 2.8-3.1 USD

    MCU, 3.6V, 10mA, TQFP100

  • Models: SG3731N
Price: 3.8-4.5 USD


    Price: 3.8-4.5 USD

    DIP16, DC motor control, 350 KHz, Digital SHUTDOWN input, 200mA

  • Models: LM6142BIM
Price: 1.02-1.1 USD


    Price: 1.02-1.1 USD

    High Speed, Low Power, 17 MHz, Operational Amplifier

  • Models: FT232BL
Price: 1.9-3.5 USD


    Price: 1.9-3.5 USD

    FT232BL, USB UART ( USB - Serial) I.C., LQFP-32, 6V, 24mA, Future Technology D...

  • Models: STRG6653
Price: 1.2-2 USD


    Price: 1.2-2 USD

    off-line quasi-resonant, flyback switching regulator, 66 W

  • Models: M5M5V408BFP-70HI
Price: 1-1.55 USD


    Price: 1-1.55 USD

    CMOS static RAM, SMD, 4-Mbit, 700mW, -0.5 to 4.6V, 32 pin, TTL compatible