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  • Kyocera Kinseki Corpotation
  • Kyocera Kinseki Corpotation [ KYOCERA ]


    Founded in 1950, KYOCERA KINSEKI Corporation is a professional company engaging in the manufacture of quartz crystal devices. The company is headquartered in Komae-shi, Japan. The company has established a strong production network with eight manufacturing facilities in Japan and two overseas plan



    Founded in 1972, Kodenshi Korea Corp is a leading company specialized in opto electronic components. The company has established three manufacturing facilities in Japan, Korea and China respectively. Besides, the company has set up a Central Research Institute in 1988. The company has established

  • KOA Speer Electronics, Inc.
  • KOA Speer Electronics, Inc. [ KOA ]


    KOA Speer Electronics, Inc. is a professional company engaging in the surface mount passive components. The company is headquartered in Japan with twenty-four manufacturing facilities located throughout the Pacific Rim. In addition, the company has established a strong sales network with distribut

  • Kingbor Technology Co
  • Kingbor Technology Co [ KB ]


    Kingbor Technology Co., LTD is a professional company engaging in the design, research and development, maufacturer as well as marketing of the semiconductor and the integrated circuit. The company is invested by the American Kingbor Company. Kingbor founded a branch in Shanghai, China in 2004 and

  • King blillion Electronics Co.,Ltd.
  • King blillion Electronics Co.,Ltd. [ KB ]


    Founded in 1997, King Billion Electronics (TWN STOCK INDEX: 3056) is a professional fabless semiconductor company. The company is headquartered in Taiwan with a sales office in China. King Billion started mass production in 1998 and reached break-even in 1999.


  • KEC(Korea Electronics)
  • KEC(Korea Electronics) [ KEC ]


    Founded in 1969, KEC (Korea Electronics) is a professional company specialized in semiconductor business. The company is headquartered in Seoul, Korea with sales subsidiaries and sales offices in Singapore, Taiwan, USA, Thailand, China, Japan, Europe and product facilities in Korea, Thailand, Chin


  • Models: M29W800DB45ZE6E
Price: 1-2 USD


    Price: 1-2 USD

    8MBIT non-volatile memory, 70NS, 48TSOP, 2.7V to 3.6V, M29W800DB45ZE6E

  • Models: J00-0065NL
Price: .86-.9 USD


    Price: 0.86-0.9 USD

    Integrated Magnetics Connector, RJ45, -18 dB, 1500 Vrms

  • Models: JYM-30H
Price: 20-35 USD


    Price: 20-35 USD

    Surface Mount Frequency Mixer, SOP, 2 to 3000 MHz, 24 dBm typ, 40 dB typ L-R i...

  • Models: TEA1506T
Price: .63-1.12 USD


    Price: 0.63-1.12 USD

    GreenChip SMPS control IC, SOP14, Switched Mode Power Supply, Safe restart mod...

  • Models: EPF10K10QC208-4N
Price: 3.35-4.2 USD


    Price: 3.35-4.2 USD

    PLD, QFP, –2.0 to 7.0 V, –25 to 25 mA, Multi Volt TM I/O interface support, Lo...

  • Models: B82464-G4103-M
Price: .235-.335 USD


    Price: 0.235-0.335 USD

    SMT Inductor, 22MHz, 50A, SMD

  • Models: SC6200
Price: 1-3 USD


    Price: 1-3 USD

    multi-purpose LED driver, DIP, -0.3 to +6.0 V, SC6200, Sanken

  • Models: PS12036-Y2
Price: 100-120 USD


    Price: 100-120 USD

    PS12036-Y2, 2.2kW, 400V, Power Module, ±15 A, Converter bridge

  • Models: ICS525-01R
Price: 3.2-4.8 USD


    Price: 3.2-4.8 USD

    OSCaR User Configurable Clock, SSOP, 7 V, ICS525-01R, Integrated Circuit Systems

  • Models: CL-PD6710-VC-B
Price: 1-100 USD


    Price: 1-100 USD

    PC Card host adapter, QFP, 500 mW, 25 mA, 7 volts, CL-PD6710-VC-B, Cirrus Logic