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  • Systemsensor advanced ideas.
  • Systemsensor advanced ideas. [ SS ]


    System Sensor was established in 1984. Their headquarters is located in United States. They are a global company with local expertise and focus much attention on the fire alarm system market. There are sales offices in the United States, Canada, Europe, Italy, China, Far East, Singapore, Mexico, C



    Synergy Microwave Corporation was founded in late 1982 and incorporated in Feb of 1983.The headquarter is located in New Jersey, U.S.A. Their main markets are in USA and Germany. Synergy is famous for its superior price and excellent performance in product quality. With the full service and distri

  • SyncMOS Technologies,Inc
  • SyncMOS Technologies,Inc [ SyncMOS ]


    SyncMOS Technologies International, Inc. was founded on July 01, 2001. The headquarter is located in HsinChu, Taiwan. It is a part of Mosel Vitelic Group. They are engaging in sales, developing, designing Semiconductor Fab, IC Assembly & Test, and Sub-system & Module e

  • Supertex, Inc
  • Supertex, Inc [ Supertex ]


    Supertex, Inc. was established in 1976. Supertex is a mixed signal semiconductor manufacturer. Its products mainly for use in the medical, flat panel display, automotive, industrial electronics and telecommunications industries in high performance analog and high voltage interface. Now Supertex ha

  • SunLED Corporation
  • SunLED Corporation [ SunLED ]


    SunLED was established in 1989 and located in Shenzhen, China. As a optoelectronic components manufacturer, SunLED is a premier leader in the Optoelectronic industry. There are over 3,000 employees in SunLED. SunLED established a Malaysia office in 1991 and a U.S. office in 1995. SunLED expedite p

  • Summit Microelectronics, Inc.
  • Summit Microelectronics, Inc. [ Summit ]


    Summit was founded in January 1997 which headquartered in Sunnyvale. Summit is a fabless semiconductor company with nearly 50 employees located around the world. Summit Microelectronics is the leader in flexible, highly integrated power management solutions combining precision power regulation wit

  • STATS ChipPAC, Ltd.
  • STATS ChipPAC, Ltd. [ STATS ]


    STATS ChipPAC is a dynamic company manufacturing facilities throughout Asia. STATS is an integrated service provider in providing the innovative test and assembly solutions that transform our customers’ devices into marketable and commercially successful products. All the employees of STATS have t

  • STATEK CORPORATION [ Statement ]


    Statek Corporation was established in 1970. Statek pioneered the miniaturization of quartz timing elements to revolutionize the frequency control industry. Statek has the expertise to design and analyze a quartz resonator for all of the mechanical geometries in their various operating modes.

  • Stanson Technology
  • Stanson Technology [ Stanson ]


    Stanson Technology was founded in 1981.The headquarter is located in Mountain View, U.S.A.In that time, they are engaging in exporting semiconductor equipment and parts, and then they focus much attention on material and components sales.Due to the market needs,They establishe

  • Sparkle Power Inc.
  • Sparkle Power Inc. [ SPl ]


    Sparkle Power Incorporated (SPI) was founded in 1993,which is one of the largest leading manufacturers about switching power supply. They focus much attention on advanced Research and Development.There are distributors in Fremont, Carrollton, Minneapolis, San Jose, Santa Ana, Carrollton, Atlanta,

  • SPANSION [ spansion ]


    SPANSION was established in 2003 by AMD and Fujitsu. The USA headquarter is located in the heart of Silicon Valley and the Europe headquarter is located in France, the Japan headquarter is located in Kanagawa. There are sales offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Taiwan, Singapore, Korea. SPANSION is the

  • Sony Corporation
  • Sony Corporation [ SONY ]


    Sony Corporation was established in May, 1946, which headquarter is located in Tokyo, Japan. They focus much attention on electronic products, game and leisure industry, such as digital camera, digital video recorder, TV, semiconductor and so on. There are sales offices in Kanagawa, miyagi, USA, S

  • SONiX Technology Company
  • SONiX Technology Company [ Sonix ]


    SONiX Technology Company was estabilshed in July,1996.The headquarter is located in Zhubei, Taiwan.There are offices in Taibei, Shenzhen, Hongkong.SONiX are engaging in  designing, developing and marketing the ICs. They are generally well known for their voice, music controllers.Now, SONiX ca

  • Solid States Devices, Inc
  • Solid States Devices, Inc [ SSDI ]


    Solid States Devices, Inc was established over 40 years, which headquarter is located in Maryland. Solid is a famous well known enterprise, because of their unsurpassed technology and quality in the fields of high density/high power and high voltage discrete semiconductors and modules. They are en

  • Solid State Optronic
  • Solid State Optronic [ SSO ]


    Solid State Optronic was established in 1982,which headquarter is located in San Jose, USA. They focus much attention on innovative products for a developing and underserved market. There are sales offices in Israel, South Africa , Phoenix, Oakland, Ontario, Santa Monica, Arvada, Wallingford, Miam

  • Sirectifier Semiconductors
  • Sirectifier Semiconductors [ Sirectifier ]


    Sirectifier Electronics Technology Corporation is a professional Power Electronics manufacturer. Sirectifier founded in 1993, its Headquarter is at Changzhou, and there are branches in Shanghai China and Los Angeles USA.

    Sirectifier is a global supplier of produc

  • Sipex Corporation
  • Sipex Corporation [ Exar ]


    Exar is a company that provides differentiated silicon, software and subsystem solutions for industrial, datacom and storage applications. Exar has locations worldwide providing real-time customer support to drive rapid product development. Exar has mixed signal and digital technology has enabled

  • SIPAT Co,Ltd
  • SIPAT Co,Ltd [ Slpat ]


    Sichan Institute of Piezoelectric and Acoustooptic Technology (SIPAT) is a leading supplier of SAW devices. The devices include almost all of SAW technology. Nowadays there are about 500 SAW technicians in SIPAT, not only engineers or technicians, but also professors or senior engineers.

  • Silicon Storage Technology, Inc
  • Silicon Storage Technology, Inc [ SST ]


    SST is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. SST is a leading provider of nonvolatile memory solutions. The products of SST include various densities of high functionality flash memory components, such as flash memory, RF devices and controllers.

    In the digital

  • Silan Microelectronics Joint-stock
  • Silan Microelectronics Joint-stock [ Silan ]


    Hangzhou Silan Microelectronics Co., Ltd was founded in Sep,1997, which is located in Hangzhou National High-Tech Industrial Development Zone.It is a high and new tech enterprise that is engaging in designing, manufacturing and marketing integrated circuits (ICs) and semiconductor devices.Because

  • SiGe Semiconductor, Inc.
  • SiGe Semiconductor, Inc. [ SiGe ]


    SiGe Semiconductor was established in 1996.The headquarter is located in Andover,Massachusetts.They are engaging in providing highly integrated RF semiconductor. They own the front end solutions that made wireless multimedia® are generally used in the computing, home entertainment, networking,

  • Shindengen Electric Mfg.Co.Ltd
  • Shindengen Electric Mfg.Co.Ltd [ SEM ]


    Shindengen Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in August 16,1949.The headquarter is located in Tokyo, Japan. They are engaging in manufacturing and sales the semiconductor ,electric equipment and power supply products. There are sales branches in Seoul, Bangkok, Waukegan, Hongkong, Ta

  • Shengbang Microelectronics Co, Ltd
  • Shengbang Microelectronics Co, Ltd [ SML ]


    SG Micro Limited,located in Beijing,is an enterprise that are engaging in designing, manufacturing and marketing semiconductor products. They focus much attention on simulation/mixed signal ICs with high-performance and high-quality.

    The products in SG Micro are h

  • Shanghai Lunsure Electronic Tech
  • Shanghai Lunsure Electronic Tech [ SLET ]


    Shanghai LUNSURE Electronic Technology Co., Ltd was established in 1994.They focus much attention on diodes, bridges rectifier and semiconductor chip.Their markets are in the USA, Italy, Germany, Holland, Spain, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions.There are two modernistic fac

  • SHANGHAI BELLING CO., LTD. [ Belling ]


    SHANGHAI BELLING CO., LTD. was founded in september,1988.The headquarter is located in Caohejing Development Zone, Shanghai.In 1998,Belling became the first listed company in the microelectronics industry of China.They are engaging in designing and manufacturing IC.Their main sales market are in S

  • Sensitron
  • Sensitron [ Sensitron ]


    Sensitron was founded in 1969,which is a privately held company. The headquarter is located on Long Island in Deer Park, New York. They are engaging in developing, designing and manufacturing semiconductor and microelectronics products.The sales branches are in Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa, A



    Sino-Tech International Holdings Limited is one controlled corporation of Semtech Electronics Limited,which was founded in 1980s.Semtech focus much attention on the discrete semiconductor and electronic components.Their sales network all over the world,especially in India, Russia, Beijing, Korea,

  • Seme LAB
  • Seme LAB [ SEMELAB ]


    Semelab,which headquarter is located in Leicestershire,have established a high reputation for superior quality and expertise.
    They are engaging in manufacturing high quality, high reliability and hi-rel discrete semiconductors.Their branches throughout the world,such as in the United States, Ca

  • Seiko Instruments Inc
  • Seiko Instruments Inc [ SII ]


    Seiko was established as Seikosha Co., Ltd. in 1892. Then in 1937, Daini Seikosha Co., Ltd. was established as the watch manufacturer for the SEIKO Group. The Company launched its product diversification activities in 1970. Now in 2009, Seiko became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Seiko Holdings Corp

  • Savantic, Inc.
  • Savantic, Inc. [ Savantic ]


    Savantic Electronic is a leader in producing which delivers semiconductor solutions across the variety of microelectronics applications. Savantic is also a global company, there are four branches around the world, so that it can offer deep inventory of electronic components in time and cost effici

  • Sanken electric
  • Sanken electric [ Sanken ]


    Sanken Electric Co., Ltd. was established at Shiki-machi (present Shiki-shi), Saitama-ken in 1946. In 1954, Tokyo Office Opened in Toshima-ku, Tokyo. In 2003, Corporate Officer system was introduced. Then Taiwan Technology Center opened in Taiwan Sanken Electric Co., Ltd. Now

  • Samsung semiconductor
  • Samsung semiconductor [ SAMSUNG ]


    In 1974, Samsung's Semiconductor Business was founded in Korea. In 1983, the successful development of the 64Kb DRAM made Samsung's evolution become the leading semiconductor manufacturer. Then in 1984, the Giheung Semiconductor Complex and Samsung’s first memory fabrication facility opened. Samsu

  • SamHop Microelectronics Corp.
  • SamHop Microelectronics Corp. [ SHMC ]


    SHMC was established in 1992. SamHop Corp. is specialized in IC/MOS design, testing and marketing. Its teams include the professionals of product planning, IC design, MOSFETs design, Wafer process, Testing and Sale. In 1992, Samhop Microelectronics Corp founded with an initial capital of NT$5M. Th

  • Sames
  • Sames [ SAMES ]


    SAMES was established in 1979. SAMES is a wholly owned subsidiary of Labat Africa Ltd, a diversified group listed on the JSE. SAMES brings the benefits of micro-electronics to the Southern African region. Today SAMES exports over 90% of its production to 35 countries in various parts of the world.


  • Models: 2DI300A-050
Price: 10-100 USD


    Price: 10-100 USD

    2DI300A-050, bipolar transistor module, 600V, 300A, Fuji Electric

  • Models: HDMP-1032AG
Price: 22-23 USD


    Price: 22-23 USD

    HDMP-1032AG QFP-64

  • Models: AD536ASH
Price: 1-10 USD


    Price: 1-10 USD

    RMS-to-DC Converter, CAN, 1.2 mA

  • Models: C8051F040-GQR
Price: 1-50 USD


    Price: 1-50 USD

    Flash MCU, 100TQFP, C8051F040-GQR, 3.6 V, 0.1 μA, 4 μs

  • Models: MC3405P
Price: .1-50 USD


    Price: 0.1-50 USD

    dual operational amplifier, dual voltage comparator, ON Semiconductor, DIP, 36...

  • Models: AO3400
Price: .055-.065 USD


    Price: 0.055-0.065 USD

    AO3400, N-Channel Enhancement Mode Field Effect Transistor, SOT-23, 30V, 25A, ...

  • Models: LTC1475CS8-5#TR
Price: .15-2.4 USD


    Price: 0.15-2.4 USD

    IC REG BUCK 5V 0.75A 8SOIC

  • Models: FM24CL64B-GTR
Price: 1.33-2.77 USD


    Price: 1.33-2.77 USD


  • Models: AT24C16BN-SH-T
Price: .1-.11 USD


    Price: 0.1-0.11 USD

    EEPROM, Reel, 5.0mA

  • Models: SRX2039
Price: 1.4-2.5 USD


    Price: 1.4-2.5 USD

    ZIP-7, Sanken electric , Integrated Circuits