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  • Wolfson Microelectronics plc
  • Wolfson Microelectronics plc [ Wolfson ]


    Wolfson Microelectronics is a global leader in the supply of high performance mixed-signal semiconductors to the consumer electronics market. Wolfsons headquarters are in Edinburgh, UK. There are over 430 employees working in the USA, Japan, China, Taiwan and Korea.

  • WJ Communication. Inc.
  • WJ Communication. Inc. [ WJ ]


    TriQuint is an industry leader in the development, advancement and production of GaAs, GaN, and SAW/BAW technologies. TriQuint has the industry's largest in-house technology portfolio, which enables it to offer customers highly integrated modules including both active and passive RF components.

  • Winbond
  • Winbond [ Winbond ]


    Winbond Electronics Corporation was established in September, 1987. The main business groups of Winbond include: DRAM Product, NOR Flash and Memory IC Manufacturing. Winbond headquarters in Central Taiwan Science Park, Taiwan and subsidies in America, Japan, and Hong Kong. As the Memory IC Company

  • Willow Technologies Ltd
  • Willow Technologies Ltd [ Willow ]


    Willow Technologies Limited, is a specialist supplier of electrical and electronic devices, which focused on niche markets of sensing, switching and specialist resistors.  Willow is also a specialist supplier of Sensors, Relays, & Precision Resistors.


  • White Electronic Designs Corporation
  • White Electronic Designs Corporation [ WED ]


    White Electronic Designs Corporation was established in 1960, which is located in Canada. They are one of the leaders in semiconductor manufacturers who focus much attention on system-engineered integrated circuits and high reliability semiconductors to support its steady growth and profitability.

  • Welwyn Components Limited
  • Welwyn Components Limited [ Welwyn ]


    Welwyn Components Limited is a member of the global TT electronic Group. They are engaging in providing a wide range of multi-market resistive products, state-of-the-art custom micro assemblies and packaging technologies. Their design and manufacturing facility is in the North East of England and

  • Weltrend Semiconductor
  • Weltrend Semiconductor [ weltrend ]


    Weltrend Semiconductor was established in 1989, which headquarters is located in the Science-Based industrial park in Hsin-Chu. They are both IC company and ID design House that are focus much attention on plan, design, test, application development and distribution of IC products. Also they are t

  • Weitron Technology
  • Weitron Technology [ weitron ]


    Weitron Technology was established in 1996, which is located in USA. They focus much attention on consistently offer high quality products and guarantees to meet and exceed the expectations of their customers all over the world. There are branch offices in Korea and Israel.

  • Wall Industries,Inc.
  • Wall Industries,Inc. [ Wall ]


    Wall Industries, Inc., is located in Exeter, NH, which are engaging in designing, manufacturing and markets a full line of AC/DC and DC/DC power conversion products with an emphasis on modified standard and customized power solutions. Their manufacturing facilities are in North America and Asia Pa


  • Models: 2SC3585   R44
Price: .196-.245 USD

    2SC3585 R44

    Price: 0.196-0.245 USD

    NPN silicon epitaxial transisor, excellent power gain, 20V, 35mA, 200mW, SOT-23

  • Models: MM74HC4053MX
Price: .19-.21 USD


    Price: 0.19-0.21 USD

    Triple 2-Channel Analog Multiplexer, 16SOIC, 5V, 80 mA, MM74HC4053MX

  • Models: XC18V02VQG44C
Price: 1-3 USD


    Price: 1-3 USD

    in-system programmable configuration PROM, 2MB, 44-VQFP, 3 V ~ 3.6 V, RoHS Com...

  • Models: GAL16V8D-7LJ
Price: 1-5 USD


    Price: 1-5 USD

    High Performance, E2CMOS PLD, Generic Array Logic, PLCC, 250 MHz, 20 Year Data...

  • Models: M82710-14
Price: 60-100 USD


    Price: 60-100 USD

    Carrier Convergence Processor, Comcerto 700 Series, DSP cores

  • Models: LM64P83L
Price: 90-110 USD


    Price: 90-110 USD

    LM64P83L, Large Size Graphic Type LCD Module, Sharp Electrionic Components

  • Models: NLV32T-8R2J
Price: .03-.08 USD


    Price: 0.03-0.08 USD

    SMD Inductor, good heat durability, 0.01μH to 470μH, Lead-free material, excel...

  • Models: BSM400GA120DN2
Price: 65-90 USD


    Price: 65-90 USD

    IGBT power module, Single switch, 1200 V, 550A, BSM400GA120DN2

  • Models: LM2931CM
Price: .89-6.99 USD


    Price: 0.89-6.99 USD


  • Models: SC802-04
Price: .07-.1 USD


    Price: 0.07-0.1 USD

    schottky barrier diode, SMD, 40V