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  • Won-Top Electronics
  • Won-Top Electronics [ WECL ]

    Won-Top Electronics Co., Ltd. is a market leader in the discrete segment of semiconductor industry. By providing a broad range of discrete products with unparalleled service, we will maintain our leadership in growth and profitability, thereby providing increased value for our customers and stockholders. The customers (More)

  • White Electronic Designs Corporation
  • White Electronic Designs Corporation [ WED ]

    White Electronic Designs Corporation was established in 1960, which is located in Canada. They are one of the leaders in semiconductor manufacturers who focus much attention on system-engineered integrated circuits and high reliability semiconductors to support its steady growth and profitability. They have major custo (More)

  • Weltrend Semiconductor
  • Weltrend Semiconductor [ weltrend ]

    Weltrend Semiconductor was established in 1989, which headquarters is located in the Science-Based industrial park in Hsin-Chu. They are both IC company and ID design House that are focus much attention on plan, design, test, application development and distribution of IC products. Also they are the distributors for th (More)

  • Welwyn Components Limited
  • Welwyn Components Limited [ Welwyn ]

    Welwyn Components Limited is a member of the global TT electronic Group. They are engaging in providing a wide range of multi-market resistive products, state-of-the-art custom micro assemblies and packaging technologies. Their design and manufacturing facility is in the North East of England and they are supported by (More)

  • Willow Technologies Ltd
  • Willow Technologies Ltd [ Willow ]

    Willow Technologies Limited, is a specialist supplier of electrical and electronic devices, which focused on niche markets of sensing, switching and specialist resistors. Willow is also a specialist supplier of Sensors, Relays, & Precision Resistors. During years, Willow is growth-orientated and practice integrity (More)

  • Winbond
  • Winbond [ Winbond ]

    Winbond Electronics Corporation was established in September, 1987. The main business groups of Winbond include: DRAM Product, NOR Flash and Memory IC Manufacturing. Winbond headquarters in Central Taiwan Science Park, Taiwan and subsidies in America, Japan, and Hong Kong. As the Memory IC Company of excellence, Winbon (More)

  • WJ Communication. Inc.
  • WJ Communication. Inc. [ WJ ]

    TriQuint is an industry leader in the development, advancement and production of GaAs, GaN, and SAW/BAW technologies. TriQuint has the industry's largest in-house technology portfolio, which enables it to offer customers highly integrated modules including both active and passive RF components. What’s more, TriQuint's (More)

  • Wolfson Microelectronics plc
  • Wolfson Microelectronics plc [ Wolfson ]

    Wolfson Microelectronics is a global leader in the supply of high performance mixed-signal semiconductors to the consumer electronics market. Wolfsons headquarters are in Edinburgh, UK. There are over 430 employees working in the USA, Japan, China, Taiwan and Korea. Wolfson delivers the audio technology at the heart o (More)

  • Wing Shing Computer Components
  • Wing Shing Computer Components [ WS ]

    Wing Shing was established in 1984. After 15 years of establishment, Wing Shing has become one of the leading distributors in Asia Pacific region, especially in China. Wing Shing has put great effort in setting up offices and sales points in major commercial centers in the mainland. Wing Shing hold important status at (More)

  • Xicor Inc.
  • Xicor Inc. [ Xicor ]

    Intersil Corporation is a global designer and manufacturer of high performance analog semiconductors technology which located in Milpitas, California. Intersil was built on a solid foundation. Nowadays while increasing profitability and cash flow, Intersil continued focus on leading in attractive high performance analo (More)

  • Xilinx, Inc
  • Xilinx, Inc [ Xilinx ]

    Xilinx, Inc was established in 1984, which is located in San Jose, CA. They are not only the leader in programmable solutions in the world, but also the pioneer of the fables semiconductor model. There are sales markets in Ireland, Singapore, Arizona, Irvine, San Diego, Montreal, Ottawa, Florida, Illinois, Minnesota, N (More)


    YAMAHA CORPORATION was founded in October 12, 1987. They are headquarters is located in Shizuoka, Japan. There are sales markets in Canada, United States, Brazil, Mexico, Panama, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, Australia, (More)

  • Yangzhou yangjie electronic co., ltd
  • Yangzhou yangjie electronic co., ltd [ Yangzhou ]

    Yangjie Electronics was established in March 2000. They focus much attention on the business enterprise vision which becomes a global outstanding cent to sign a semi-conductor spare part supplier. After 7 years, Yangjie values quality, improving continuously, enlarging product category with trend and request and then m (More)


    YEONHO ELECTRONICS CO., LTD was established in October 30, 1982, which as a critical role in the development of the domestic electrics and electronic industry over 30 years. They focus much attention n development of cutting-edge facilities and technology. With the untouchable technological power, they hold an outstand (More)


    YOBON TECHNOLOGIES, INC. was established in October 2002. The headquarters is located in Taipei, Taiwan. The Venture Tech Alliance and China Development Industrial Bank is their main shareholders. They are engaging in designing and development power management IC solution. Based on the professional technical service an (More)

  • Yellow Stone Corp
  • Yellow Stone Corp [ YSC ]

    Yellow Stone Corp. was established in June 1991, which is located in Taiwan. They are engaging in designing, producing, marketing of electrolytic capacitors and LED products. They founded the Shenzhen branch in 1998 to serve neighboring customers and enlarge their service area to penetrate into China and can enhance co (More)

  • Zarlink Semiconductor Inc
  • Zarlink Semiconductor Inc [ Zarlink ]

    Zarlink Semiconductor Inc. was established in 1973. The headquarters is located in Ottawa, Canada. They are a telecommunications equipment manufacturer which are focus much attention on the line circuits market, network timing market and medical wireless market. Their sales offices spread in more than 100 countries, su (More)

  • Zetex Semiconductors
  • Zetex Semiconductors [ Zetex ]

    Zetex Semiconductors is one of the leaders in global manufacturer suppliers of high-quality application specific standard products within the broad discrete, logic, and analog semiconductor markets. They serve the consumer electronics, computing, communications, industrial, and automotive markets. Zetex focus much atte (More)

  • ZETTLER Electronics
  • ZETTLER Electronics [ ZETTLER ]

    ZETTLER Electronics is a leader in providing a wide range of high quality electronic components for industrial and consumer application. They focus much attention on switches, LCD-modules and relays. There are sales offices in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Pola (More)

  • Zowie Technology Corporation
  • Zowie Technology Corporation [ ZOWIE ]

    Zowie Technology Corporation is a leader in designing and manufacturing of advanced discrete semiconductor products, which was established in 1994. Their founders are famous in the semiconductor field in Taiwan. There are no changes in diode products for more than 20 years, so they believe that they should endeavor the (More)

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  • Models: UMC5
Price: .03-.05 USD


    Price: 0.03-0.05 USD

    dual common base-collector bias resistor transistor, 50Vdc, 100mAdc, SOT-53

  • Models: SKM400GB125D
Price: 100-150 USD


    Price: 100-150 USD

    SKM400GB125D, Ultra Fast IGBT Module, 1200V, 400A, Semikron International

  • Models: KTA1267
Price: .05-1 USD


    Price: 0.05-1 USD

    epitaxial planar PNP transistor, TO-92, 150mA, -50V, low noise, excellent hFE ...

  • Models: TPS2331ID
Price: .99-3.99 USD


    Price: 0.99-3.99 USD


  • Models: ADV7179BCPZ
Price: 6-8 USD


    Price: 6-8 USD

    video encoder, 40-lead 6 mm × 6 mm LFCSP, 4 V

  • Models: TJA1050T
Price: .4-.5 USD


    Price: 0.4-0.5 USD

    high speed CAN transceiver, 5.25V, 8-SOIC, TJA1050T, NXP Semiconductors

  • Models: CM600HN-5F
Price: 140-160 USD


    Price: 140-160 USD

    Mitsubishi IGBT Module, 600 Amperes, 1780 Watts, 250 Volts

  • Models: GL827S
Price: 1-1 USD


    Price: 1-1 USD

    USB 2.0, Single Interface Flash Card Reader controller, QFP, -0.5V to +5.8V, e...

  • Models: STW6NB100
Price: 1-4 USD


    Price: 1-4 USD

    TO-3P, N channel, 1000V, 2.3ohm, 5.4A, power MESH MOSFET, 2.3W, 30V

  • Models: IRFPE40PBF
Price: .1-5.39 USD


    Price: 0.1-5.39 USD

    IRFPE40PBF Vishay/Siliconix MOSFET N-Chan 800V 5.4 Amp